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Open Data Policy

The Open Data Policy contains policy statements on:

  • Government Entity responsibilities
  • Open Data Administration and Planning
  • Online Publishing of Open Data
  • Availability of Data in Open Format
  • Public Feedback and Requests
  • Voluntary Release of Information

The Policy also includes information on:

  • Principles of Open Data
  • 5-Star Linked Open Data Model
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Open Data Assessment Guidelines
  • Data and File Formats
  • Key Policy Targets
  • Policy Compliance Checklist

The Open Data Portal will assist government entities to comply with the Open Data Policy and will provide an easy to use platform for government entities to publish their data in accordance with the Policy.

The delivery of open data is a learning process where governments and society learn how to deliver meaningful data and in turn learn how to reap its rewards. With time, dedication and understanding, the Open Data ecosystem is shaped, with public and private sectors sharing data and society creating new and innovative ways to promote economic competitiveness measurable with results in the global Knowledge Society.