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Open Data


The Qatar Digital 2020 Strategy includes Strategic Objective 3: Increase Government Openness to generate economic and political value by collaborating with customers on co-design.

The targets for Increase Government Openness are:

  • 20% increase per annum in users participating on forums moderated by government
  • 10% increase per annum in availability of government data sets

A number of projects have been designed to achieve this strategic objective, including the development of an Open Data Policy, and the development of an Open Data Portal.

Qatar published the Open Data Policy in November 2014. This policy confirms the commitment of the Qatari government to Open Government, and specifies that “The Open Data Policy will institute specific actions to ensure all of our Government Agencies will take steps to expand public access to government data by making it available online unless restricted by law, policy, regulations or contract.”

Technology provides the capability to distribute large amounts of data and information through many different platforms on a vast array of subjects. The Government of Qatar will provide the public (citizens, residents, businesses, expats, and other interested parties) with access to data that is produced, collected and used by the public sector and make this data available through a single and searchable window.

Accordingly, MoTC has developed Qatar Open Data Portal, which provides a platform for government entities to share data, and make it available to the public. This, wisely and prudently, will create an ecosystem where the society as a whole will be engaged and encouraged to participate.

The portal will provide users with the ability to access open datasets from government entities from a single catalog; the portal will also contain information concerning policies, standards, guidelines and procedures to be implemented either manually or through automation.

This portal will enhance existing sectorial initiatives such as the Qatar Information Exchange operated by the Planning and Statistics Authority.

The Open Data Portal will ensure that data can be appropriately shared and re-used by government entities and the public in general, improving data quality, internal efficiency and innovation.

To review the Open Data Policy, click this link.