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Digital Projects

Digital Projects

Shared Services and Applications are part of Qatar Digital Government program, where ministries across the government have joined together to accelerate digital government initiatives that will deliver real benefits to the people of Qatar and to the nation. Qatar Digital Government will enhance the customer experience, provide individuals and businesses greater access to government services, improve government efficiency, and increase government openness.

In its drive for the government entities in Qatar to exploit the use of ICT, the Ministry of Transport and Communications developed a central IT environment for all government entities to host their IT systems, deploy e-Services and applications as well as access to shared applications. With this shared ICT environment, entities can avoid capital investments in building their IT infrastructure with access to the latest technologies over a secured platform.  

Government entities will benefit from cost savings and increase efficiency and access to common and standardized services. Through this shared infrastructure and services, entities may eliminate the duplication of costs, reduce risk, procure services as required, implement new capabilities, and innovate in a rapid and cost efficient manner.

As we keep pace with new technological advancements and to support the needs of the entities, the Ministry of Transport and Communications will continue to identify and deploy new services and applications that will add to its current list.