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Qatar Assistive Technology Center

Qatar Assistive Technology Center (Mada) is a non-profit organization that strives to empower and enable people with disabilities through information and communication technology. The center caters to all four forms of disabilities – hearing, visual, physical and learning.

The center believes that people with disabilities the right to find a way of connecting to digital information. Mada tackles its mission through three types of work:

  • Assessment: Finding the right technology solution for each visitor or client
  • Training: Providing users with all the necessary training
  • Outreach: Raising public awareness about the importance of building an inclusive society.

Assistive Devices

The center is equipped with a wide variety of assistive devices, including:

  • Braille readers and magnifiers
  • High-contrast keyboards and modified mouses
  • Speech-to-text software
  • Audio induction loop systems that amplify and focus sounds
  • Brain-wave technologies that allow thought patterns to control the computer

Bookshare Partnership

In 2011, Mada partnered with Bookshare, the largest online library of books in accessible electronic formats. As a result, more than 23,000 e-books are now available for free to the people in Qatar whose disabilities make it very difficult or impossible to read standard print.

ICT for All

The Mada center is open to all members of the public. To book an appointment, call +974 4459 4050 or visit Mada's website.