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Property Ownership

There are three regimes for property ownership in Qatar. The three types of investors are:

  • Qataris
  • GCC nationals
  • non-Qataris

GCC Nationals

GCC nationals may own real estate in approved “investment” areas, as declared by Cabinet. Such areas may carry out businesses involved in commercial, residential, industrial, tourism and educational activities.

The three named areas are:

  • Lusail
  • Al Khuraj
  • Thaayleb Mountain


Non-Qataris may invest and own land, buildings and constructions in three designated projects:

  • Pearl – Qatar
  • West Bay Lagoon
  • Al Khor Resort Project

Non-Qataris may also acquire rights over:

  • Real estate leased for a term of 99 years, renewable on similar terms.
  • “Residential Units” for a term not exceeding 99 years, and in general a right to convey property belonging to another person for its own profit, utility or advantage.

The law further enhances the desirability of investing in Qatari property by allowing non-Qatari owners to apply for visas and residency for themselves and their families without any local sponsorship.

To find out the number and value of sold properties across Qatar as well as other useful information, please check the different editions of Qatar’s Monthly Statistics bulletin, available on the website of the Planning and Statistics Authority.