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Vehicle Inspection and Insurance

Without insurance, drivers may not take their vehicles to the road or obtain a Vehicle Registration. Vehicle Registrations should be renewed yearly. Cars older than three years must be inspected annually.


The inspection process comprises two parts:

  • Technical test
  • Legal test

The technical test is used to evaluate the car’s condition, while the legal test may point out evidences of unreported traffic infractions, such as prominent scratches.

It is advisable to hire a mechanic to take a look at the vehicle before bringing it for inspection.

While the inspection takes place, you will not be allowed stay in the garage or talk to the inspectors. Simply wait till the end of the inspection to collect the report.

If the car fails the inspection, you have 30 days to take a free re-inspection. If the car passes, you may get the report signed and stamped before driving away.


Before registering a car, you must have 12 months of valid insurance.

Insurance prices are based on the model and value of the car. Generally the rate is six per cent of the value. The rate may increase significantly for some sport models.

It’s important to note that insurance policies may not cover off-road driving, such as any accidents that may occur in the desert.