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National Sports Day

As an unprecedented initiative to emphasize Qatar National vision 2030, An Emiri decree was issued on December 2011 announcing the National Sports Day as an important annual occasion on the second Tuesday of every February with the goal of engaging the local community in Qatar with sports activities and fostering the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

The Vision

To adopt the best practices and means in promoting the practice of sport and physical activities among members of the society.

The Mission

To spread awareness of engaging in sports activities by positive enforcement among members of the Qatari community.

The Objectives

  • Widen the scope of community participation in sport and physical activities and increase the average of active participation.
  • Provide all members of Qatar Society with the opportunity to participate in entertaining activities. Promote a sport culture in the society in order to increase awareness about the importance of sport and physical activities.
  • Establish criteria for measuring the level of social and individual participation in sport and physical activities.
  • Promote the sporting and recreational activities and make participants enjoy the activities organized during the National Sports Day.

Sports Day Events

An extensive range of events and activities will be held to mark the National Sports Day. All sectors of society in Qatar, ranging from men and women and children with disabilities, will take part in outdoor activities in various public areas around the country including the Corniche, Aspire, Museum of Islamic Art and Olympic parks.

For more information, please visit Qatar Sports For All Federation website.