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Islam in Qatar

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Islam is a part of everyday life in Qatar. It is the official religion of the State, with its teachings reaching all areas of Qatari society, including education, government and legislation.

The prevailing doctrine is Sunni Islam. Hanabli is the official Sunni jurisprudence observed in Qatar. Islamic Law – or Sharia – remains the moral anchor of Qatari society.

Islamic Customs and Rituals

The five pillars of Islam are:

  • Shahadah: Sincerely reciting the Muslim profession of faith.
  • Salat: Performing ritual prayers in the proper way five times each day.
  • Zakat: Paying alms to benefit the poor and the needy.
  • Sawm: Fasting during the month of Ramadan.
  • Hajj: Pilgrimage to Mecca.

Each is significant in Qatari society -- in both daily life and individual attitudes toward community, justice, kinship and charity.

The call to prayer occurs five times each day, and can be heard throughout every district and quarter leading worshipers to the mosques.

Zakat is usually paid during Ramadan, and can even be paid online through the Qatari government’s Zakat Fund, which allows internet users to donate electronically.

The month of Ramadan has a special taste in Qatar and brings with it major changes in lifestyle. Working hours are often dramatically reduced, and the devout abstain not just from food, but also from drinking, sex and other pleasures during daylight hours.

Hajj, or the pilgrimage to Mecca, is characterized by advocacy activity, which is supervised by Qatar’s Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs. The ministry also plays a leading role in establishing Islamic doctrine and in ensuring that Islamic values and ideals are reflected in society.

Directory of Mosques

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