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Persons with Disabilities

Qatari Law prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities. Among some of the rights and provisions mandated for persons with disabilities are:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Medical and social care
  • Support services
  • Access to public facilities
  • Employment

The law requires that 2% of all jobs in government agencies and public institutions be set aside for disabled persons. Private businesses employing a minimum of 25 staff are also required to hire persons with disabilities.

Disability Population

The number of individuals with disabilities in Qatar makes up less than 0.50% of the total population. Qataris with disabilities exceed the number of non-Qataris due to the fact that most expatriate workers are medically fit.

A higher percentage of men is recorded as persons with disabilities than women. Congenital factors and disease are the most common causes for disabilities.