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Accessibility Tips for Persons with Disabilities in Qatar National Day

Citizens and residents celebrate Qatar National Day on December 18 every year. You can participate in a wide range of events and family activities during that day.

To enable persons with disabilities to enjoy such activities, Hukoomi portal provides a descriptive list of events and celebrations that will be held during the National Day, as well as accessibility tips for persons with disabilities that they need to consider when going out celebrating this special occasion.

Planning Ahead of the Day

o Visit the public places ahead of the National Day to get familiar with the place and contact event organizers via email or telephone.

o Ask the event organizers about parks allocated to persons with disabilities, and which entrance you should head to upon arrival, and the floor readiness for wheelchairs users.

o Ask organizers to provide required information via email.

In the Car

o Be prepared to spend long hours in the car; take sufficient water and medicines; and all what you need to feel comfortable.

o Use a GPS to find the event location easily.

o Ask about parking places for persons with disabilities once you arrive your destination.

o Upon arrival, make sure to inform police officers about your health status and needs.

o Make sure you have a mobile phone available to ask for help, if needed.

At the Venue

o Try to identify bathrooms prepared for persons with disabilities.

o Ask event organizers if they have special places or activities specified for persons with disabilities.

After The Event

o Give your feedback to event organizers, and evaluate its readiness to receive persons with disabilities.

o Find out information on accessible locations for persons with disabilities.

In conclusion, remember that Qatar National Day is an interesting occasion that is always attended by large crowds and featured by traffic congestion in streets. As a result, you should plan to enjoy all events and celebrations of that day.