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Domestic Violence

The Qatari society supports a strong, caring and safe family base, and, in turn, the Government of Qatar aims to reduce domestic violence by putting into place a comprehensive protection system; one that ensures the appropriate support and privacy measures are available for both victims and anyone who comes forth to report an incident of domestic violence.

The government seeks to:

  • Open help centers.
  • Increase efficiency in domestic violence reporting.
  • Implement early detection mechanisms for child abuse in schools.
  • Effectively criminalize domestic abuse.

Achieving the above goals requires:

  • Creation of family-friendly police units and community-based awareness programs.
  • Comprehensive review of current shelters and facilities to ensure that they meet the best practices and international standards.
  • Opening of emergency phone lines to improve the incident-reporting culture.

Combined with programs that aim to promote empowerment among Qatari women, it is hoped that in time these actions will result in better outcome for women and children of Qatar.

Currently the reporting of such crimes is perceived as culturally unacceptable and bringing moral damage to the family. The community in general will, consequently, need to increase its awareness of abuse and provide an environment in which it is safe to report domestic violence.


Help is available for those who try to reach out. The following organizations provide a variety of services, including psychological, social, financial, and medical, child care and shelter assistance: