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Renting in Qatar

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The most recent version of the Lease Law aims to limit the escalation of property rental prices and regulate relations between landlord and tenant.

The law provides rental caps, the establishment of lease registration offices, a Rental Dispute Committee and also regulates the landlord-tenant relationship.

The law applies to all premises, whether industrial, commercial or residential. It does not, however, apply to public or state property, farmland, vacant land, industrial land, tourist accommodations and residential units designated for employees of companies operating in Qatar, or employees of the State.

Lease Registration

Lease registration offices handle the mandatory registration of leases. They must include:

  • Name, nationality and address of landlord and tenant.
  • Lease term
  • Amount of rent
  • Method of payment
  • Description of premises
  • Purpose of lease and any other conditions agreed to between the parties.

Landlords must register new leases within 30 days of their execution and penalties apply to late registration.  Service providers must also notify offices within 30 days of providing their services.

Rental Dispute

A Rental Dispute Committee, chaired by a Judge, with two members appointed by the Minister, has jurisdiction to resolve all disputes.

The landlord may apply to the committee to have a tenant vacate premises if:

  • The tenant fails to pay rent by the due date without reasonable excuse.
  • The tenant sublets or assigns the property to a third party without permission of the landlord.
  • The tenant uses the property in a way which breaches the terms of the lease, or is contrary to public order and morals.

Download a copy of the Property Leasing Law No. (4) of 2008.