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Premarital Screening

Health is a major priority for the Qatari government. The goal of constructing a healthy society should begin with the basic unit of community – the family.

In order to achieve its goal of wellness for all, Qatari Law requires citizens to undergo premarital screening. Examination results are completely confidential.

Reasons for mandatory premarital screening include:

  • Avoid genetic, hereditary and communicable diseases.
  • Secure happiness and well-being for Qatari children and grand-children.
  • Control the prevalence of disability and the delivery of children with abnormalities.
  • Detect health problems and commence treatment early.
  • Eliminate any stigma attached to premarital screening.
  • Provide advice, counsel, and medical and mental support to those who are intending to get married.
  • Maintain protection and safety for the whole society and the nation at large.