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Licensing Tips

Health care practitioners who wish to obtain a license in Qatar may take the following check list into consideration. Please note these are only tips for expediting the process:

  • Have your Qatari CID (police clearance certification) processed at the same time as your visa by the Medical Licensing Department (MLD).
  • Apply early to every registration authority in which you have been registered for a Certificate of Good Standing or a Certificate of Registration Status.
  • Complete and submit your verification application electronically through DataFlow, which routinely verifies applications within 30 working days.
  • Complete the evaluation application offshore and have your employer submit it locally prior to your arrival in Qatar.
  • Complete your examination through Prometric.
  • Utilize the requirements checklist available on the Ministry of Public Health  website to ensure your application is filled out completely.
  • Ensure any information regarding previous employers is accurate. A majority of delays in the verification process is caused by difficulty in contacting references.
  • Follow up by telephone, appointment or email with MLD staff to ensure all requirements have been met. The MLD currently has two time blocks per week to meet with applicants to answer questions and complete documentation.

Download the necessary licensing forms and applications on Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners website.