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Natural Gas Projects

Qatar’s North Field is the largest reserve of natural gas in the world, with an estimated 900 trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas. 


The three main types of products created by processing Qatari natural gas are:

  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG):  Natural gas used for heating or energy generation that has been purified and turned to liquid for transportation purposes.
  • Gas-to-liquids (GTL): Diesel or gasoline fuel which has been created by refining natural gas.
  • Natural gas liquids (NGL): Propane, butane and other fuels, produced mainly for export.

Projects and Partnerships

Several partnerships have been initiated to develop Qatar’s natural gas production capabilities. These include:

  • Al Khaleej Gas (AKG) and Barzan gas projects:  Partnerships with ExxonMobil to develop and expand resources in the North Field.
  • Dolphin Gas Project:  Partnership with Dolphin Energy  to develop a natural gas pipeline to the United Arab Emirates.
  • Laffan Refinery:  Joint venture between QP, ExxonMobil and Total SA, the Laffan refinery will produce liquid petroleum, naphtha, kerosene and gas oil for the export market.
  • Qatargas 4 and Pearl GTL: Two partnerships between QP and Shell to increase GTL production in the North Field.
  • Isola di Porto Levante: LNG terminal in the North Adriatic Sea, built as a partnership between QP, ExxonMobil and Edison Gas .