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Agriculture and Fisheries

Qatar’s hot climate presents challenges in developing large-scale agricultural and fisheries projects. Nonetheless, these are important sectors of the economy that help contribute to securing the country’s future in terms of sustainability.


Qatar’s small but vital agricultural sector is made possible by modern greenhouses and irrigation systems. The government has supported a number of initiatives, such as:

  • An agricultural census project.
  • The installation of several irrigation and water monitoring systems.
  • The implementation of an Agricultural Science program at Qatar University.

Government departments and joint ventures with the private sector provide a number of services for famers. These include:

  • Research and development: Government-run experimental farms help breed crops suited to the local environment, and assist in the development of new fertilizers and irrigation systems.
  • Marketing: the National Agricultural Marketing Company facilitates the packaging, distribution and export of agricultural products.

Produce grown in Qatari greenhouses include cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and strawberries. In some areas of the country, traditional open-field farming yields onions, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables. Some farms also produce poultry, dairy products and honey.


The number of commercial fishermen in Qatar has been steadily rising since 1995. Most operations are small-scale and focus primarily on the domestic market, though some fish are exported to neighboring countries, such as Saudi Arabia.

Emperor bream, grouper, mackerel and grunt are the most commonly fished species. The Department of Fish Resources has banned dredging and other unsustainable fishing practices.

No significant commercial fish farming occurs in Qatar, though Qatar University maintains a number of experimental facilities.