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Qatarization refers to the national strategy of developing a competent Qatari workforce through education and training.

The success of the plan relies upon individual ownership and mobilization of resources, and the support of employees and managers in companies involved with the plan. It requires coordination between the energy and industry sectors and government ministries and agencies.

Expatriates contributing to the plan are valued and their employment in the energy and industry sector will continue.  Citizens aspiring for advancement, who meet employment requisites in the sector, are strongly encouraged to join. Advancement of Qataris is performance-based. 

An increase in the percentage of females in the Qatari workforce in technical and non-technical disciplines is critically important.

Most Qataris presently hold entry level positions. The plan outlines requirements for recruits to receive specific training, work projects and academic advancement at the post-graduate level.

Qatar Petroleum currently sponsors secondary school graduates (with 80%+ grades) in sciences and arts for programs in local and overseas universities. Summer internships are also available.

Training is available in programs for Technician Preparation, Tailor Made programs, Security Preparation, Fireman Preparation, Clerical Preparation, and Marine Preparation.

Compensation packages vary but are highly competitive in terms of salary and benefits.