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Private Schools

The private education sector in Qatar comprises a huge selection of schools from kindergarten to Grade 12 with different languages and curricula. This diversity allows children to learn in their own language and culture, while growing up to become global citizens.

Parents who are expatriates should carefully consider the adaptability of a curriculum for when their children return home or move to a new country.

Tuition and Curriculum

Private schools operate either as commercial establishments or non-profit community schools sponsored by their embassies. Tuition may vary significantly from school to school.

Schools are free to set their own curricula. Many foreign schools base their curricula on the standards of their home countries. However, all schools are required to meet the standards of the Qatar National School Accreditation system, as monitored by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education's Evaluation Institute.

Qatar National School Accreditation

The Qatar National Schools Accreditation (QNSA) initiative was launched in 2011 to ensure that all programs offered by private schools are up to international standards. The accreditation system provides quality assessments on schools based on their academic, educational and administrative performances.

The accreditation system believes that a good school should:

  • Meet the educational needs of children through optimal learning experiences.
  • Prepare students for higher education opportunities in Qatar and abroad.
  • Foster a generation of world leaders.

The practical assessment aspect of QNSA involves two parts:

  • Self-study review (by school)
  • School visit (by government evaluators)

Under the system, all schools are required to conduct self-examinations and analyses to identify their strengths and areas of growth. The schools are then evaluated by QNSA before they can be accredited. QNSA assessments are made based on the school's:

  • Management and educational leadership
  • Development and care for students
  • Educational and learning performance environment
  • Resource management
  • Parental and community partnerships

Once the evaluation process is complete, QNSA evaluators will provide a recommendation for accreditation. If approved, an accreditation is valid for three or five years.

You can search for any private school in Qatar on the Ministry of Education and Higher Education website.