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Education for a New Era

Qatar's public education reform initiative believes a modern education system meeting the highest international standards will transform the country. It will enable Qatar to grow into a more developed and open society, befitting its diversity.

The initiative’s educational philosophy puts the student at the centre of the educational process, and recognizes education must recognize students' differences in order to meet their individual educational needs.

The four main principles are:

  • Independence
  • Accountability
  • Diversity
  • Selection

Under the program, Qatar's public schools underwent a complete transformation. The conversion of all public schools into independent schools was completed in 2010.


Independent schools are free to choose their teaching philosophy provided they meet the curriculum requirements of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.


Schools will be evaluated to ensure the school community – including principals, teachers, and parents – can assess schools’ performance.


The State encourages schools to specialize in subjects such as mathematics or science and geometry, provided they meet curriculum requirements.


More independent schools means parents will be able to choose the school that best fits their children’s needs.

Statistics of Education

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) conducts statistics and surveys in education in order to collect the required information and analyze the available data with the aim of identifying the challenges facing this sector and overcoming them. Annual statistics of education in Qatar are available on the MOEHE website. They highlight relevant information on the educational facilities and outcomes on a yearly basis.