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Media Outlets

Qatar’s media landscape is diverse and vibrant. Television, radio, newspaper and internet all contribute to building an open society with opportunities for people to learn, exchange ideas and make informed decisions. 

Qatar Broadcasting Service

QBS is Qatar’s public radio provider. Broadcasting on digital and analog FM, it presents a variety of news, information, religious, music and cultural programming in Arabic, Urdu, English and French.

Qatar Television

QTV operates three channels providing over 25 hours of television broadcasting daily. Original programming reflects cultural, social and youth issues. The station features content on sports, science, history and religion.

The Second Channel is QTV’s English programming arm; it highlights the latest foreign series and films as well as international news and sports.

Qatar Satellite Channel provides satellite TV broadcasting 18 hours a day. Its focus is on information, education and entertainment, and has presented award-winning original dramatic programming.

Qatar News Agency

QNA is the official news and information service of Qatar. The agency comprises a network of correspondents worldwide, who provide breaking news as well as regular programming and publications focusing on economic and cultural issues.

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera is one of the best-known international news services. Based in Doha, with correspondents and bureaus all over the world, it broadcasts Arabic and English programming through satellite all over the world. Breaking news and features are also available on the internet.

Government Press

 The Government of Qatar publishes a number of magazines on various subjects, ranging from sports to science to tourism.

Private Press

An increasing number of private newspapers and magazines have appeared since 1970, publishing on topics such as politics, entertainment, sports and the economy.