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Government Forums and Blogs

Citizens and residents can engage with government online through various official forums and blogs. Forums and blogs play an important role in making government more accessible and transparent.

Ministry of Interior

Issue for Discussion, an Arabic forum where visitors can provide feedback on specific issues posted by MOI. Issues up for discussion range from traffic rules to visa procedures.

Al Adeid, a bilingual website for the people of Qatar to connect with MOI and be involved in social activities. Al Adeid is home to a popular Arabic forum.

Ministry of Transport and Communication

Digital Qatar, Digital Qatar is a blog for technology enthusiasts, available in both English and Arabic. Readers can leave feedback, engage in discussions and social bookmark its entries.

Qatar Museums

Qatar Museum Blog, is an Arabic and English forum, where people can check Qatar Museums world, current news, and events happening in the community.

Ministry of Education and Higher Education

Discussion Forums: Ministry of Education and Higher Education Blog – Educators, researchers, journalists and parents are invited to browse and express their opinions on matters related to Qatar's educational reform on this bilingual forum.