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Qatar Exchange

Qatar Exchange (QE) is one of the leading stock markets in the GCC region. Established in 1995 under the name of Doha Securities Market, it was renamed in 2009 after it became a world-class market.

The primary aim of QE is to support Qatar’s economy by providing a venue for capital raising for Qatari companies giving investors a platform through which they can trade a variety of products in a transparent and efficient manner.

QE also provides the public with access to market information and ensures correct disclosure of information.

How to Trade

Understanding the basics is important when it comes to trading on QE. Without a stock broker, you are not able to trade.

The stock broker is an essential player who will act as the intermediary for all of your trading and brokerage transactions. To begin trading on QE, it is mandatory for a potential investor, whether an individual (local or foreign), a company or any other establishments, to get registered with the exchange.

Once you are registered with the exchange and have chosen a stock broker, you can be active on the exchange. It is crucial, once you decided to sell or buy securities, to provide your broker with precise and complete instructions in order for your broker to execute your transaction properly and in a timely manner.

Government Bonds and Sukuks

In 2011, QE announced adding government bonds and government issued sukuks to its listing. The introduction of a bond market marks a significant step in QE's bid to become a diversified, world-class bourse with strong domestic roots, operating in line with the best international practices. 

For complete information on how to invest in QE, please visit QE website.

Download an official copy of Qatar Exchange Investor's Guide.