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Business and Finance

Business and Finance

Qatar – a global energy leader

Qatar is the biggest LNG producer in the world, with an increasing export capacity every year. The proven oil reserves should enable current levels of output for at least three more decades. At the same time, proven reserves of natural gas represent third largest in the world.

Moving towards a knowledge economy

While oil and gas accounts for more than 50% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Qatar has ambitious economic goals across all sectors of enterprise as well as a national priority, outlined in Qatar’s National Economic Strategy, to transform itself into a knowledge-based economy.

New opportunities

Consequently, a proportion of the revenues generated from the country’s oil and gas and related industries are being diverted into supporting the diversification of Qatar’s industry. Free-market policies and low taxes are attracting investment from around the world. And direct and sustained investment in tourism, technology, education, research and sports are helping to make Qatar a destination of choice for business across all sectors.