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In a joint desire to promote a culture of volunteering and enhance the engagement of youth in civil work, the Founders Social Development Center - NAMA, Silatech, and Education Above All (EAA), through its program Reach Out To Asia (ROTA), as well as the Community Partner the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), collaborated in order to come up with a self-sufficient system for volunteering: TAMM Network for Volunteering.

This Network contributes to building a database of volunteers and connecting volunteer pioneers with establishments/volunteering opportunities across the State of Qatar. It also looks into offering technical support and building the capacities of youth in keeping with the demands of volunteering work, and promoting its services provided through online services that are secure, more effective, and suitable for the different segments of society including citizens, residents, visitors, and others such as business entities (i.e. the Users). This contributes to the completion of services in the shortest time, with the least cost possible, through various online channels.

TAMM Network for Volunteering designed and developed the website TAMM Network, which offers several benefits for the private sector and community, and provides the best information, services, and sophisticated transactions, enabling the various segments of the society to communicate with the volunteers themselves by accessing information through the website with the least cost and effort.

The following Terms of Use govern the user's access to TAMM Network, to identify, use, distribute, save, process and handle available data and all other related matters.

Website Access and Use

Any user may access TAMM Network to identify/use any services available, bearing in mind that some parts of the website do not open or allow the User to request support or services electronically only by entering his/her personal data.

The User acknowledges that the data and information he/she registers through those parts, if requested, is complete and accurate, and that he/she will not register or attempt to access the website using the name of another person and shall be solely responsible for the information he/she provides to access and use the website.

Important Notice

The User's access to TAMM Network and his/her browsing of its contents, and the conduct of any transactions, means his/her prior consent to all terms and conditions of the following terms of use without objection.

Data Compatibility

The User shall be solely responsible for the accuracy of the data provided from his/her side (if requested), and shall ensure that they comply with the applicable laws and regulations, the specific terms of service, and the terms of use of the website.

TAMM reserves the right to access the User’s data to ensure that it complies with the applicable laws and regulations in Qatar, the terms of the service, and the terms of the Network.

Accredited Security Standards

All media, hardware, software, and systems used by the User for the data storage, processing, transfer, and other purposes, must comply with the security standards adopted by TAMM Network. When applicable, the User shall establish appropriate procedures to ensure the data’s validity and completeness, as well as the prevention of unauthorized use and access of the data.

TAMM Network may process, transfer, and store the data in Qatar or in any other country if required. The User's usage of the available services constitutes his/her acceptance of such procedure by the Network.


Confidential information that may be obtained by TAMM Network or the User, from each other, in the execution of the Terms of Use shall not be disclosed by the recipient except to his/her followers, agents or professional consultants who need to know such information. The recipient of confidential information ensures that such persons use that information to exercise rights and perform their duties only with due diligence to maintain their confidentiality.

Notwithstanding any provision otherwise set out in this Terms of Use, the recipient of confidential information may disclose it to the extent required by the legislation of the State of Qatar or the judicial decisions issued accordingly.

TAMM Network may ask the User to appropriately indemnify the damages due to breach of his/her obligations to disclose the confidential information obtained through his/her use of the website, without prejudice to the rights of TAMM Network in blocking access to and use of the website by the User as a result.

Website Legitimate Use

The User agrees to access and use TAMM Network for legitimate purposes only and acknowledges his/her full responsibility for knowing and working with the laws, regulations and rules governing the Network’s use.

Once the User enters the website, he/she agrees to refrain from committing any acts or actions that may be inconsistent with the terms of use of the website, including but not limited to the following:

Using the website for the purpose of committing any offense or inciting others to engage in any conduct that may constitute a criminal offense or involve civil liability.

Adding or posting any illegal content that includes discrimination, defamation, abuse, slander, or using the website to impersonate other persons or parties.

Using the website to download any materials or programs containing viruses, computer codes, files or programs that may alter or obstruct the work of the website or any device or program belonging to any person who accesses the website, or changing, destroying or deleting any content on the website.

Uploading, adding, sending or transmitting materials that the User is not entitled to post under any law or contractual relationship, or intentionally disrupting normal communication lines in any form.

Publishing or posting any advertisement, promotional materials, or any form of promotions or publications of any material that are contrary to, or infringe the intellectual property rights of others, or collecting or storing any personal information of third parties.

Publishing or posting any material or information that is inconsistent with or contradicts the divine laws, or customs and traditions prevailing in the State of Qatar.


TAMM Network shall make updates or modifications, whether by addition or deletion, that may be deemed to be incorporated into the Terms of Use, services, applications, tools or features of the services available on the website, from time to time, or to add any new functionalities, data, applications, tools or features to those services including the price (if applicable) for the reasons deemed necessary.

TAMM Network will notify the User of this by posting on TAMM Network, provided that such updates or modifications will take effect immediately upon publication, whether or not such modifications apply to new or previous services or information, unless otherwise specified in the website.

The User hereby irrevocably agrees to any modifications or removals that may be made to the services available on the website, but that if the user does not agree to the modified terms or services, it shall then cease to use the service over TAMM Network.

Links to Other Websites

TAMM Network provides some web links that lead to other portals or websites that are not operated by TAMM Network and on which the Network have no control, for the convenience of the User.

Access to these portals and websites is subject to their terms and conditions without any liability of TAMM Network in this regard.

Fees and Costs (if applicable)

Services available on TAMM Network, including data, information, documents, certificates, etc., are provided as a public asset free of charge to the end user.

However, in the case of charging for services on the Network, an electronic invoice shall be issued to the User, including taxes, whether the payment is in advance or later as determined by TAMM Network.

The User is obligated to pay the estimated fees and costs for that service within the limits set in accordance with the payment terms of that service.

Refund of Fees and Costs

TAMM Network is not liable for any fees or costs paid by the User to any of the parties concerned with obtaining or compensating for any of the services provided through TAMM Network.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

TAMM Network does not make any warranties or representations regarding the preservation of copyright and/or intellectual property rights of the User or any third parties for using TAMM Network.

The TAMM Network reserves the right to respond to notices of alleged copyright or intellectual property infringement through the email address of info@tamm.qa.


The User may not, by himself/herself or by others or his/her affiliates, perform or permit the copying, alteration, reverse programming, design, editing, translation, disassembly, or otherwise attempt to derive all or part or any part of the original codes of the services provided through TAMM Network, sublicense, resale or distribution of any service without a prior written permission of TAMM Network.

Content Censorship

TAMM Network reserves the right to monitor any content entered by the User and may, without any obligation, remove or delete any material that violates the provisions of the Terms of Use.

Guarantees and Liability

Except for the points expressly provided in the Terms of Use, and to the maximum extent permitted by the Qatari legislation and regulations, TAMM Network makes no other warranties of any kind, whether they are expressed, implied or required by law or otherwise, including insurance of data, freeing the services or information from errors, non-interruption or suitability for a particular purpose and/or non-infringement.

TAMM Network does not assume any liability or commitment for failure to store any data relating to the User or other communications/ correspondences maintained, stored or transmitted through the use of the Network services, nor shall it be held liable for any direct or indirect damages, on the whole, may be attached to it.

Disclaimer of Warranty

The User clearly understands and agrees that his/her use of the website or any material available through it is subject to his/her own responsibility. TAMM Network and any of its employees do not guarantee that the website will not be stopped or that it will be free of obstacles to use, deletion or error, and there is no guarantee as to the result of using the website, as its tools and content are available for the User without any warranties of any kind.

Force Majeure Cases

TAMM Network is not responsible for any failure or delay in performance due to circumstances beyond its control.

TAMM is not responsible for any incident, resulting in the automatic suspension or disruption of TAMM Network.

Conditions of Termination

TAMM Network may terminate the Terms of Use of the website without giving reasons and without liability to the User for all or any part of the services available on the website. TAMM Network shall publish any termination that is determined for any service or services on the Network, and in that case the publication would be deemed to be sufficient notice to the User.

TAMM Network may also terminate the Terms of Use in the event of the death or deportation of the User outside the State of Qatar, as well as in the case of loss of the legal personality of the User or subject to a bankruptcy.

The Consequences of Termination

The termination of the terms of use shall result in the immediate cancellation of the rights granted by the User.

Applicable Law and Competent Court

Terms of Use and terms of service specified and the interpretation of such shall be governed by the effective provisions of the laws and regulations in the State of Qatar.

The Courts of the State of Qatar alone shall exclusively deal with any disputes that may arise from the application of, or in connection with, the interpretation of the terms of use of, or interpretation of, any of its provisions or of its convenience.

Access to TAMM Network is an acknowledgment by the User that he has read and understood the terms of use above and agrees to them.