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About Tamm

About TAMM

In a joint desire to promote a culture of volunteering and enhance the engagement of youth in civil work, the Founders Social Development Center - NAMA, Silatech, and Education Above All (EAA), through its program Reach Out To Asia (ROTA), as well as the Strategic Partner the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), collaborated in order to come up with a self-sufficient system for volunteering: TAMM Network for Volunteering. This Network contributes to building a database of volunteers and connecting volunteer pioneers with establishments / volunteering opportunities across the State of Qatar. It also looks into offering technical support and building the capacities of youth in keeping with the demands of volunteering work.

In their effort to establish this self-sufficient system, the founders are responding to the State’s efforts to promote social work participation and enhance the awareness amongst youth of the importance of volunteering at both individual and establishmentarian levels.

TAMM Network seeks to gather the scattered volunteering forces into one melting pot in an administrative, scientific, and up-to-date method in order to preserve, develop, and guide that force, thus guaranteeing quality and competence of the fruits of its labor. In addition, TAMM also brings to light the urgent need to focus on youth, so that volunteering becomes one of the pillars of education.

The Vision

"TAMM" aims to instill the values of solidarity and synergy among youth in order to develop their personal abilities and promote the key volunteering values.

The Mission

Offering a self-sufficient system that aims at refining voluntary work and reviving the capacities of youth in contributing to civil work and public service.

The Goals of TAMM

  • Collaborating and coordinating between volunteering stakeholders in the State in order to find the best ways to refine and develop volunteering work and enhance the volunteering culture and the acts of public giving and goodwill.
  • The unprecedented achievement of a network of volunteers consisting of well-trained youth. Helping these youths learn about various volunteering opportunities, and choosing what meets with their skills and preferences.
  • Investigating the best scientific and practical means and the most beneficial lessons to help attain the development of volunteers’ skills and provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their volunteering tasks.
  • The completion of information pertaining to the volunteering job and the volunteers and the provision of a central database of information and volunteering resources for volunteers and establishment members with TAMM Network.
  • Providing accurate and categorized information about volunteers to help all volunteering parties from individuals to establishments facilitate the allocation of the right volunteer to the right place, and to help members be involved in opportunities matching their skills and interests.