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Zakat Fund e-Service

Zakat Fund e-Service



  1. 1.Every caution should be taken to ensure that donated money is Halal as the prophet, peace be upon him, said:
         "Allah is pure, does not accept anything but that which is pure".

  2. 2.Please be informed that a processing fee will be deducted from all Zakat donations that are processed through
        the e-Government application. Therefore, and even though the religion permits paying Zakat transfer expenses
        from the Zakat amount itself, you might prefer to use other means to avoid any deductions from your donation.

  3. 3.Please take caution, when using your credit card, to pay the due amounts within one month so as
         not to bear any interest and to avoid a major violation of Islam.

  4. 4.The Zakat Fund is an independent public corporation that oversees the collection of Zakat payments and their
         distribution into the channels endorsed by the Islamic law.


  1. 1. Zakat Fund e-Service users are public users (users do not have to log into the system to use the e-Service)

  2. 2. System lists all types of Zakat (each Zakat type has its own donation field); you can provide the desired amount(s) for the desired type(s) of Zakat.

  3. 3. System provides you with the total of donated amount(s) along with the cost of the transaction which is 5 QR+ 1.25% of the total amount.

  4. 4. System asks the user whether to receive receipt voucher via e-mail or not, if you wish to receive the receipt voucher number via email you have to provide your e-mail address and select 'Yes' for 'Receive the receipt voucher by email?'.

  5. 5. You can print out the receipt voucher by clicking on the 'Print' button in the last page where the donated amount(s) and receipt voucher are displayed along with the other information.


  1. Welcome to Zakat Fund online donations e-Service!

  2. This e-service allows you to submit your Zakat donation through the internet. A credit card is needed in order to carry out this operation. The next few pages will take you through the step by step donation process which consists of 2 steps:

  3. Step 1: Fill the donation form
    • You will be asked to specify your donation type, amount and your contact information (optional).
  4. Step 2: Donate money
    • All online donations are carried out through a credit card. In this step you will be asked to provide your credit card information.
  • Donation details
  • Confirm & pay
  • Payment received

Donation Details


Zakah Type

Total amount

0.0  QR     7 QR Minimum

Note: US$1=3.65 QR

Donor Contact Information (optional)



Telephone number

P.O. Box


Receive the receipt voucher by email?

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