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Donate to Qatar Red Crescent

  • Topics : Religion and Community
  • Audience : Individuals

You can donate online to Qatar Red Crescent Society, which provides humanitarian aid to peoples and poor countries across the globe. Donations can also be paid through a bank transfer, SMS or personal attendance to QRCS headquarters.

Donate Online

  • Visit QRCS website.
  • Select the Asian or African country, then choose the project you wish to donate to inside such country.
  • Enter donation amount and click " Add ".
  • Fill out the required card data (Visa or MasterCard) and then click "Pay".

Donate in QRCS Headquarters

  • Attend in person to QHRC headquarters.
  • Deliver the amount you wish to donate.

Additional Information

  • You can donate to QRSC relief campaigns directed to Yemen and Nepal through SMS.
  • For more information, please contact: (44402777 974+) , hotline 16200 , 66666364 , 66644822 or email:

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