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Apply to Visit Qatar Foundation

  • Topics : Education and Training, Religion and Community
  • Audience : Government, Individuals, Business

Individuals wishing to visit Qatar Foundation may apply online to get the Foundation's permission.

Online Instructions

  • Login to Qatar Foundation website, and choose "Contact Us".
  • Choose "Click here to visit QF".
  • Fill out the form available at the bottom of the PDF Visitor Guide.
  • Choose the places you want to visit.
  • Click "Submit".

Additional Information

  • You have to complete this form and submit it to QF Communication Directorate's Protocols and Visitors Relations Unit at least four working days before the requested tour date.
  • If you have to cancel or reschedule the visit, please notify QF before 24 hours at least.
  • Please contact QF Communication Directorate on +97444540953 for special requests, additional information, or clarification of details regarding the visit.

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Qatar Foundation Fraud Hotline

You can report online about fraud and corrupt practices through the anti-fraud and whistle blowing hotline, created by Qatar Foundation to provide a framework to prevent, report, and manage fraud and corruption.

Request Photography and Filming Permission

Companies interested in photographing/filming places in Qatar Foundation may apply online to take its permission.