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Taxi Services

  • Topics : Business and Finance, Transportation
  • Audience : Individuals, Business

Mowasalat provides two types of taxis:

  • Metered taxi
  • Airport metered taxi

Metered Taxi

Regular metered taxis are recognizable by their aquamarine color and Karwa logos. You can hail one off the street, or find Karwa stands outside malls, hotels, commercial centers and other public places.

Booking through telephone is also available. Please call in advance 44588888. A booking fee of QR 4 applies.

Airport Metered Taxi

Karwa station wagons can accommodate up to six passengers. You can find them outside the airport. An airport tariff of QR 18 applies.

Additional Information

Book your taxi trips ahead of time. You may need to call the service center several hours in advance.

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