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Find out when the next bus arrives near you. Search by bus route or area.

Bus Services

  • Topics : Education and Training, Transportation
  • Audience : Government, Individuals, Business

Mowasalat offers three types of bus services:

  • Taxi Hire.
  • Public bus.
  • School bus.
  • Bus hire.
  • Limousine Hire.
  • Bus sales.

Public Bus

Karwa buses cover a wide range of routes within Qatar. For more information, look for maps and bus routes near you. If you already know your stop number and service number, you can find out when the next bus will arrive by navigating Mowasalat's e-map.

You may also check the bus routes and schedules available on Mowasalat website.

School Bus

Mowasalat has been transporting students since 2005. With more than 1,100 school buses out on the roads, safety and comfort are the company's priority. Contact your child's school or the Ministry of Education and Higher Education for details. Coach Hire

Mini buses, large buses and VIP coaches are available for hire. Call 44588588.

Additional Information

  • 800-8294 for taxis.
  • 800-5466 for booking limousines.

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