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Submit Tax Return Report

  • Topics : Business and Finance
  • Audience : Business

Taxpayers are required to submit an annual tax return report and pay the annual taxes by the end of the fourth month following the end of the financial year of an institution. This service targets all authorized personnel governed by the provisions of Law No.21 of 2009, and an auditor fills in the online tax return application form after authorizing an assignee to submit the report on his behalf.

Online Instructions

  • Login to the General Tax Authority Portal.
  • Click on "e-Services", then “Tax Return Forms” from the “Actions” list.
  • Select Fiscal Year and click on “Continue” then “Submit”.
  • Fill out the online form, entering all the required information.
  • Attach required documents, then click on “Submit”.

Offline Instructions

  • Visit the Commercial Registration Building in Lusail.
  • Submit copy of tax return report and financial data.

Service Center

Commercial Registration Building in Lusail.

Additional Information

  • Taxpayers are required to submit an annual income tax return by the specified deadline or, otherwise, a penalty estimated at QR100 per day, and up to a maximum of QR36,000, is imposed.
  • Failure to pay tax due by the deadline results in a financial sanction estimated at 1.5% of the tax amount due per month of delay or part thereof, and up to the amount of tax due.


No fees are required for this service.

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