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Social Care Services for the Elderly

  • Topics : Religion and Community
  • Audience : Individuals

Qatar Foundation for Elderly People Care (IHSAN) provides social care services for the elderly, including:

  • Studying the elderly men and women cases.
  • Closely following up the studied cases, and recording any psychological, social or health changes, that these cases experience and endeavoring to solve them.
  • Hosting (Permanent Hosting: For those who do not have family supporters; Intermittent Hosting: For helping families to solve their problems; Limited Period Hosting: For those who cannot travel with their families.)
  • Continuous communication with elderly families to provide them with the necessary support.
  • Continuous home visits to elderly people to help them in their places of residence.
  • Continuous visits to new elderly people at Hamad Hospital, and preparing a report on each case.
  • Solving everyday problems facing elderly people in the foundation.
  • Providing the elderly with personal supplies (clothing and food and drink).
  • Communicating with relevant charitable entities to coordinate and discuss the elderly-related matters.
  • Attending training courses, workshops and seminars on elderly people.
  • Training students of Qatar University (social work department).
  • Providing the needy elderly people with medical chairs and beds to ease the burden on their families, in order for the elderly to stay in his home with his family.
  • Implementing programs and activities that help the elderly to spend beneficial time.
  • Participating, with the rest of the foundation departments, in events and programs held in the foundation in the morning.
  • Helping non-Qatari elderly people to reunion with their families outside the country in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior and passports department.
  • Contacting foreign embassies and consulates in the country to issue passports and IDs for those without identity.
  • Coordinating with the General Authority for Minors Affairs regarding the properties of deceased elderly.
  • Preparing final reports and close the deceased files.

Additional Information

For more information, please call QFEPC at switch number (+974)40121000, Fax: (+974)44551717, P.O. Box: 24353, E-mail:

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