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Offline Services

Servant Social Assistance Allowance

  • Topics : Religion and Community
  • Audience : Individuals

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA) provides a service for those who qualify to receive a domestic help allowance in lieu of social assistance benefits. This service is opened to Qatari citizens only.

Offline Instructions

Follow these steps to apply for servant social assistance allowance:

  • Download and fill out the application form.
  • Submit the application along with all the required documents to the Social Security department.
  • Attaching the following documents: two personal photos, salary certificate for him and for his working sons, medical certificate proving need for assistance and ID copy of the applicant and those residing with him.
  • A member of the department will assess the application and submit it with a recommendation to the director for approval or rejection within a month. If the application is approved, payment will be in the following month and backdated to the date of the application. The applicant will receive the decision by telephone or SMS.

Additional Information

A servant allowance of QR1,500 shall be paid to the handicapped, the disabled and the elderly who are unable to work upon submitting a medical report issued by the competent medical entity specialized in public health matters in Qatar. The report shall highlight their need for a person to look after them unless the country provides care for any of them.

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