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Request Title Deed for Public Housing of Low-Income Citizens

  • Topics : Religion and Community, Housing
  • Audience : Individuals

Low-income citizens, whether public housing beneficiaries or their heirs, may submit a request to the Labor Relation Department at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs to obtain a title deed with no force majeure clause for their houses.

Online Instructions

  • Select applicant status, then login to the service through the National Authentication System (NAS) using a smartcard.
  • Attach the following documents:
  • In case of disability: Copy of QID and medical report
  • In case of death: Power of attorney from heirs, death certificate, determination of heirs and copies of QIDs.
  • Submit the application.

Additional Information

  • In case of selecting “Dead applicant” when clarifying the status of the applicant, the QID of the house owner and his/her relation to the applicant shall be entered before login.
  • The beneficiary shall complete 15 years following the delivery date of public housing.
  • Please refer to Article No.10 of Law No.1 of 1964 on the Establishment of Public Housing and its amendments.
  • The beneficiary or heirs shall pay all due installments unless any is exempted from payment.

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