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Offline Services

Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients

  • Topics : Religion and Community, Health
  • Audience : Individuals

Since Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) believes in the importance of making it easy for cancer patients to request support or assistance, it seeks to reduce the financial burdens on such patients, including the residents in Qatar among them. QCS helps them to continue their treatment journey and until their recovery through coordination with both Hamad General Hospital and the National Center for Cancer Care and Research (NCCCR).

Offline Instructions

  • Visit shall be paid by the patient to the NCCCR Social Department to find out about the required documents for financial assistance to complete and submit them to the department.
  • The NCCCR refers the request to the QCS, and it is approved in no more than 24 hours so that the patient can start receiving treatment immediately.

Service Center

NCCCR Social Department (Check Google Maps).

Additional Information

The financial assistance provided by QCS to each patient is estimated at QR20,000, and it could be raised if the patient requires more support.

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