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QU Special Needs Section Services

  • Topics : Education and Training, Persons with Disabilities
  • Audience : Individuals

Special Needs Section at Qatar University assists students with special needs throughout their time at the university. The students are provided with appropriate services according to their individual needs.

SNS provides integrated services through a qualified team which fully aware of students needs and problems.

Special Needs Section Services

  • Providing Training courses in mobility and Braille Books in each campus, including the Holy Qur'an, dictionaries.
  • Medical mattress, computers provided with Screen Reader Program.
  • Training courses in mobility, consulting services and appropriate support in doing their researches and assignments.
  • Recorder, for taping the text books on cassettes and CDs.
  • Convert writing from Braille to normal print and vice-versa by using special machine and provide CCTV Machine, for students with low vision.
  • All-in-one Machine (printer, scanner, photocopier, and fax), MP3 (Flash Memory + Recorder + Radio) and Braille Printer.
  • Provide “Entertainment Unit” which includes many games for students with special needs such as, UNO Cards that are written on them in Braille, Domino.

Additional Information:

You can view policies and procedures of Special Needs Section through this link, you can also contact SNS consultants and specialists through this link.

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