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Register Company

  • Topics : Business and Finance
  • Audience : Business

Companies licensed by Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) may submit a request to the Companies Registration Office (CRO) to become registered, and the CRO is responsible for:

  • Incorporating and registering entities in QFC
  • Administering the CRO register
  • Receiving periodic CRO filings and notifications

These functions are overseen by the QFC, which provides the public with details about the firms it licenses, including information about their permitted activities.

Online Instructions

Submit company registration application to QFC through its online portal, after receiving the required license.

Additional Information

  • You may contact the CRO directly and download guidance notes, policies and forms to help your organization comply with its licensing obligations.
  • In the interests of transparency, QFC licensed company details and information are searchable, accessible and available to all. This includes information about a company’s permitted activities. To find a QFC licensed firm, click here.
  • The CRO will no longer accept payments other than those made online via the e-service portal of QFC using a credit/debit card. For any further clarification, please contact the CRO or the QFC’s Client Affairs Department.

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