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Volunteering in Qatar Red Crescent

  • Topics : Religion and Community, Health
  • Audience : Individuals

You can volunteer in Red Crescent to help vulnerable people and their communities, in accordance with the fundamental principles of the Red Crescent, organized by representatives recognized by the National Association of the Red Crescent.​

Rights of Volunteers

  • Choose to join the national society or what is determined by its national statute.
  • G​et the right training or personal development to be able to carry out the tasks or agreed role.
  • To accept or reject any task or role, according to the Code of Conduct and the fundamental principles of voluntary service.

Duties of Volunteers

Volunteers are asked to:

  • Act according to the fundamental principles of the Red Crescent Movement and encourage dissemination.
  • Respect the rules of use of the emblem in order to avoid misuse.
  • Seek to achieve the highest standards of quality volunteer service.
  • Act according to the code of conduct of the National Assembly for the volunteers, Union Code of Conduct and the fundamental principles of voluntary service.
  • Be ready to work at any time such as an emergency situation as agreed with the National Assembly, according to their skills and abilities.
  • Respond to the needs of beneficiaries and strengthen their ability to help themselves and effective volunteer

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