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Information Services

First Aid Service

  • Topics : Religion and Community, Health
  • Audience : Individuals

Qatar Red Crescent seeks to improve lives of vulnerable people by prevention of diseases, physical injuries and alleviate the resulted hurts thereof, as well as provides:

  • Necessary medical services for community groups.
  • Health education for the prevention of diseases and injuries, and increase the ability of its treatment.

First Aid

First Aid is the immediate care provided to an injured person before the arrival of the professional medical aid or the ambulance.
First Aid shall be provided for the following reasons:

  • To save the life of the injured or sick person.
  • To help in speedy recovery and reduce complications.
  • To Relief pain.  

Aid Provision

Do the following steps to provide first aid:

  • Examine the place and make sure that there is no risk on your life or the life of the injured person.
  • Examine the injured person.
  • Call for aid on telephone number (999).
  • Provide necessary first aid until the arrival of professional aid.

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Donate to Qatar Red Crescent

You can donate online to Qatar Red Crescent, which provides humanitarian aid to peoples and nations across the globe.