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Register Qualifying Examination for Healthcare Practitioners

  • Topics : Health, Business and Finance, Employment and Workplace
  • Audience : Business

The qualifying exam is one of the requirements for the registration or licensing of healthcare practitioners to ensure the efficiency and eligibility of applicants to work safely in the State of Qatar. Applicants must pass the e-qualifying exam to get a license to practice after fulfilling all other requirements of registration and licensing.

Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) provides computer-based examination (Prometric) for 12 categories or specialties of healthcare practitioners all week working days, namely general scope physicians, general scope dentists, pharmacists, general scope nurses, midwives, laboratory technicians (including laboratory technologist and laboratory technician), physiotherapists (including physiotherapist and physiotherapist technician), emergency medical technicians (including EMT, paramedic, critical care paramedic and advanced care paramedic), radiology technicians (including X-ray technologist, X-ray technician, radiographer, MRI technologist, MRI technician, nuclear medicine technologist and US technician), dental assistants, dental hygienists and dental technicians.

Online Instructions

  • Select your program and region, then click “Next”.
  • Select “Schedule an Appointment”, then click “Next”.
  • Select “I agree” to the Privacy Policy Preview, then click “Next”.
  • Choose “Yes” or “No” for the Eligibility Information, then press “Next”.
  • Provide your Eligibility ID number and first four characters of your last name, then click “Next”.
  • Continue with the given instructions until you finally submit your application to register your qualifying exam.

Offline Instructions

  • Download and print out the paper form.
  • Fill out the paper form, providing complete and accurate information, then sign it and mention the desired test date.
  • Envelope your application and send it by mail to the registration center in your country.
  • Attach photocopy of your photo identification.
  • Pay appropriate fees through USD Bank Draft.

Additional Information

  • More examinations can be added as needed, and the scopes not required to sit for an examination will be reviewed and evaluated as per the Registration Department approved qualifications or through panel committee assessment.
  • Applicants may sit for the qualifying exam at any of the 10,000 examination centers available in 164 countries worldwide.
  • Review the registration and licensing requirements as well as the eligibility for medical license through the QHPC website.
  • For certificates exempting their holder from the qualifying exam of the general scope physician and general scope dentist, please visit the QHCP Policies and Procedures page.
  • For any query regarding the e-qualifying exam and to get more information about registering for the exam, visit the website of the companying organizing the exams (Prometric).
  • Contact Info for Qualifying Examination Enquiries are as follows:
  • Phone Numbers: (+31) 320239530 (call Sunday to Thursday with Arabic language option) or (+31) 320239800 (call Friday to Monday).
  • Email:
  • References of the e-qualifying exam for the general scope physicians, general scope dentists, pharmacists, general scope nurses and midwives as well as allied healthcare professions are available on the QHCP website.
  • Registration paper form must be filled in English only using black ink.
  • The name given when registering must match the name on the photo identification document that will be presented at the test center.
  • There is no refund for cancellation of the exam if the applicant is using Band Draft as payment option for scheduling the test.
  • If you do not receive confirmation of your appointment by email, fax or mail, you must call the Regional Registration Center at least three business days prior to your first-choice test date.
  • If you miss your appointment and do not call the RRC, your test fee will not be refunded.

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