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Training Courses (Qatar Chamber)

  • Topics : Education and Training, Business and Finance
  • Audience : Business

As a part of its commitment to excellence and improving the skills of its members and their employees, Qatar Chamber offers training courses in various fields like banking and finance, managerial skills, leadership skills, foreign languages and many more.
In February 2011, Qatar Chamberand City & Guilds Group signed a partnership agreement, aiming at setting-up a Doha-based vocational center to train and develop national skills.
The Chamber offers a number of training courses & workshops in the following fields:

  • Finance & banking courses
  • Accounting for non-accountants
  • Managerial courses
  • Soft Skills
  • Language Courses
  • Computer Courses
  • Specialized Diplomas

For further detailed information, please call 44559166 974+, fax +974 44554643 and email