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Information Services

KAHRAMAA Call Center 991

  • Topics : Housing, Business and Finance
  • Audience : Individuals, Business

KAHRAMAA allows subscribers to report emergency and service related problems through calling its 24/7 service number 991. They can also send an email to 991@ .

An emergency is when power or water to subscribers’ premises is interrupted without prior warning from KAHRAMAA . From time to time, KAHRAMAA equipment is damaged by third parties, especially contractors at building sites and road works, disrupting supply to customers without its knowledge. Subscribers reporting calls will help KAHRAMAA to track and resolve problems and restore service quickly.

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Customers can send their suggestions and comments on how to improve the provided services to KAHRAMAA.

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KAHRAMAA allows business owners dealing with projects that demand an intensive amount of electricity & water to bulk purchase their supplies ahead of time.

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Kahramaa has launched a fast-track service for elderly, women and people with special needs at main office customer service in Al Hilal.

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