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Information Services

“Awnak” Emergency Service

  • Topics : Persons with Disabilities, Religion and Community
  • Audience : Individuals

The Technical Affairs Department at the National Command Center (NCC) provides this humanitarian service around the clock so that individuals can ask for help in cases of medical and security emergencies using an easy-to-use device with high technical features.

Awnak (Your Help) service targets elderly citizens above 60, persons with disabilities and patients with chronic diseases who are subject to sudden falls in order to ensure immediate response to their emergency calls in cases that require quick action when they find it hard to call the known emergency services number (999), as they will only need to press the button of the service device.

A database for the elderly is registered at the emergency room of the NCC. It includes the health number, date of disease, type of disability (if any) to accelerate response to any report from this segment of people.

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