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Request to Issue Partial or Whole Building Completion Certificate

  • Topics : Housing, Business and Finance
  • Audience : Government, Individuals, Business

Individuals, companies, institutions, government and semi-government entities may submit a request to the Development and Building Permits Section of the Technical Affairs Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) to have a building completion certificate issued by the competent municipality after comparing the existing building to the previously approved schemes in the building permit request.

There are two types of building completion certificates:

  • Partial Building Completion Certificate: It is issued for a whole building or several buildings that constitute the total number subject to the permit, and no certificate may be issued to part of a building
  • Whole Building Completion Certificate: It is issued for all buildings subject to the permit

Online Instructions

  • Enter the homepage of the Building Permits System and click on “BP System Application” at the beginning of the main menu.
  • Login to the system by entering your username, password and verification code, then click on “Login”.

Attach the following documents:

  • Approvals of service providing entities as per type of building (e-approval)
  • Certificate of Conformity of Materials and Specifications used in construction
  • Copy of Building Permit and Copy of Additions and Modifications Permit (if available)
  • Photo of site and sample of external painting
  • Technical Report by the supervising consultant
  • Survey report
  • Copy of title deed and property layout
  • Copy of QID of landlord and applicant
  • Schemes as built in reality, stamped by the supervising consultant
  • Copy of advertisement permit
  • Pay appropriate fees and print the building completion certificate.

Additional Information

  • After filling in the application and attaching the required documents, the application is referred to the competent municipality, and the system sends an SMS to open the request.
  • The service providing entities are the ones that have issued their approval on the permit, except for Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” whose procedures are completed separately after the issuance of the building completion certificate.
  • The terms specified by the General Directorate of Civil Defense shall be met as regards ensuring the following:
  • For public housing: Fire extinguisher (powder) whose size is 6KG, battery operated heat detector (BBK) in kitchens and a fire blanket
  • For residential villas: Fire extinguisher (powder) whose size is 6KG, battery operated heat detector (BBK) in kitchens, fire extinguisher and a fire blanket
  • MME clarifies on its website the process plan of the service in detail and in the form of a work plan.
  • This service requires seven days from date of inspection by the inspection officer or team to be completed, except in case of violations.


  • Applicable fees for building completion certificate issuance are as follows:
  • One villa (Personal accommodation): QR100
  • More than one villa, or commercial, industrial or administrative project: QR1000
  • Government projects and public housing: Exempted

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