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Request Rainwater Removal

  • Topics : Environment and Agriculture, Transportation
  • Audience : Government, Individuals, Business

The general public may submit a request to the Services Affairs Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) to pull rainwater on roads and streets from all areas. The Rainfall Emergency Committee collaborates in carrying out the service.

Online Instructions

  • Fill out the online form, entering all the required information.
  • Enter requester information (name - mobile number - QID no.)
  • Enter “My Address” information and write your complaint.
  • Click on “Start Workflow”.

Offline Instructions

  • Visit the Customer Service Office at the competent municipality.
  • Provide all the above-mentioned required information to complete the service.

Service Center

Customer Service Office at the competent municipality


No fees are required for this service.

Additional Information

  • This service is provided only if the pooling of water is in the streets, not in sandy areas.
  • This service can also be obtained via Oun mobile app or by contacting the Call Center on (184).
  • MME clarifies on its website the process plan of the service in detail and in the form of a work plan.
  • This service requires one day to be completed.
  • You can view the service information on MME website.

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