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Offline Services

Medical Examination for Employment

  • Topics : Health, Business and Finance, Employment and Workplace
  • Audience : Government, Individuals, Business

People who wish to undergo a medical examination to work in Qatar shall visit the Medical Commission with all the required documents.

Offline Instructions

  • Submit letter by the employer clarifying the post to which the applicant is nominated for.
  • Provide Qatari ID or original passport.
  • Print out the medical examination form with a cell phone number mentioned and to which a recent personal photo is attached.

Additional Information

  • Registration receipt must be submitted upon receiving the medical fitness certificate.
  • Qataris and GCC nationals shall be registered at the Primary Health Care centers each to the health center to which they are referred in accordance with the procedures applicable in these centers.


A fee of QR50 applies, and it is paid by payment cards.

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