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Worker’s Notice to Employer (Employer Change/Leave Country)

  • Topics : Business and Finance, Employment and Workplace
  • Audience : Business

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA) allows the private sector employees to submit the employer change/leave country notice to the employer online.

Online Instructions

  • Login entering QID and mobile number.
  • Write the text in the image.
  • Click "Submit".

Additional Information

  • There should be no restrictions against the new employer that would stop the change.
  • There should be a notice submitted by the worker 30 days before the contract comes to an end if it is a fixed–term contract
  • If the contract is an open-ended contract, the worker should stay not less than five years in service and notice period would be 30 days, if the duration of service is five years, and 60 days if the duration of service is more than five years.
  • In case of arbitrariness or conciliation, please attach what proves this.
  • All applications and approvals are subject to all terms and conditions announced by MADLSA.
  • If you come across any problems or technical issues, please contact the technical support at the Ministry on: Phone Number 40288888, or E-mail Address .

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