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Information Services

QDB Housing Loans

  • Topics : Religion and Community, Housing
  • Audience : Individuals

QDB manages the Government-sponsored and funded housing loans to Qatari nationals in order to achieve its 2030 social development targets. The Housing Loan Department handles the end-to-end housing loan process and land allocation, to all eligible Qatari Nationals starting with a customer application, loan processing, loan approval and disbursement leading up to its final repayment. To provide the best customer service available to the bank’s clients, QDB has streamlined the process of loan application, disbursement and repayment.

Whether you want to build your own house or buy it, QDB has opened a center in Grand Hamad Avenue to disburse the finance provided by the Government of Qatar to its national citizens eligible for this kind of financing.

You can complete your transactions smoothly during one short visit of 30 minutes maximum.

Additional Information

Once you receive an SMS from the Housing Department in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs that indicates your application transfer to QDB, please contact the Bank on 44300000 or visit it in Grand Hamad Avenue to complete the required documents in just half an hour, and you can get the financing in your account during two working days only.

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QDB Tadqeeq Service

This service offers startups and SMEs, owned by Qatari entrepreneurs seeking support in recording transactions and developing financial reports, accounting & bookkeeping services and annual audit and taxation services via specialized local and international firms. QDB contributes by covering up to 50% of the service cost.


QDB launched the TASDEER program, in 2011, to promote exports from Qatar in international markets, and provide export credit guarantees and financial solutions to mitigate the risks imposed on local exporters.

QDB Export Insurance

This service offers Qatari exporters protection from risks imposed by overseas buyers. Export insurance provides two types of export credit insurance: pre-shipment risk cover and post-shipment risk cover.

QDB Eyada Service

Eyada service offers help for distressed SME’s or SME’s looking to optimize sales, efficiencies and costs. Eyada helps maximize an SME’s business profitability by providing the necessary support to diagnose adverse causes and implement an effective turnaround. QDB contributes by covering up to 50% of the service cost.