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Offline Services

Issue Health Card

  • Topics : Health, Visas and Official Documents
  • Audience : Individuals

Citizens and residents of Qatar may apply for a health card to access the services provided by any of the public healthcare facilities or hospitals in the country.

Offline Instructions

  • Visit nearest Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) center nearest to where you live, fill out appropriate forms, and you will be issued a PHCC health file number.
  • Bring the following documents and pay appropriate fees:

 - Qatari Adults: Copies of your passport or ID, passport-size photo (4cm X 3cm).

- Qatari Children: Birth certificate with Qatar personal identity number or passport, passport-size photograph and vaccination card (for first time issue).

- GCC National Adult Residents: Copy of passport or ID with Qatar personal identity number, passport-size photograph and your old health card (in case of renewals).

- GCC National Child Residents: Birth certificate or passport with Qatar personal identity number, one passport-size photo, vaccination card (for first time issue for children born in Qatar) and old health card (in case of renewals).

- Adult Residents: Valid QID or passport with valid residence permit and passport-size photo.

- Children: Passport with valid residence permit, passport-size photo and vaccination card (for first time issue and for those born in Qatar or who had their vaccinations in Qatar).

- Domestic Staff: Valid passport with valid residence permit, passport-size photo and original QID of sponsor.

- All: Copy of utility bill (phone, water/electricity) to prove where you live.

Service Center

Nearest PHCC center to where you live.

Additional Information

  • The health card contains your ID number, nationality, photo and date of expiration, and it is available to all residents of Qatar.
  • The health center will either issue your card immediately or ask you to return within a few days to collect it.
  • Consultations or non-emergency treatments may cost extra, but will be subsidized for those who hold a valid health card.
  • Holders of a health card can also have their prescriptions filled at a government-run pharmacy at subsidized rates.
  • You must pay using a credit card. No cash is accepted.
  • Please note that health cards are issued during morning working hours only.
  • Renewing your health card is a simple process and can be done immediately at all HMC hospitals. All you need is ask any of the Patient and Visitor Service Center employees to guide to the place where health cards are renewed inside each hospital.
  • You may also renew your health card online through Hukoomi.
  • In case of loss of valid health card, a citizen pays QR50, and r resident QR100, and in case of loss of expired card, a citizen pays QR100 and a resident QR200.
  • For more information about the service, call PHCC customer service line ‘Hayyak’ at (107).


  • A fee of QR50 applies except in case of non-GCC adult residents and their children, fees are QR100.
  • In case of domestic staff, fees are upon the professions approved by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) for personal sponsorship.

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