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Namat Platform for Healthy Lifestyle

  • Topics : Tourism, Sports and Recreation, Health
  • Audience : Visitors, Individuals

"Namat" is one of Aspire Zone Foundation's initiatives that aims at spreading the culture of health in the Arab community, through specialists and experts in Aspetar and the foundation's partners. It is an open national and regional public Health educational platform, which is designed to provide informative content focusing on promoting physical activity and nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle in communities, in both Arabic and English languages.

"Namat" also creates public awareness in Arab communities about diseases related to unhealthy lifestyles and how they can be prevented. Additionally, it enhances knowledge about best practice guidelines for physical activity and healthy eating, contributing to a sustained change in positive lifestyle behaviors in Qatar and other Arab societies.

Using the Service

  • Click on any of the main topics available in the topics banner.
  • Browse each topic and check its detailed information.

Additional Information

A free exercise calculator is also available on the homepage of NAMAT website.


No fees are required for this service.


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